Alex Aguirre



Born in Chihuahua, Mexico 1993

Grew up along the lines of music and art.

As a kid I always wanted to fly, explore the world, leaving a mark to existance.

When ever I would walk home from school I would look around me to observe every detail in my atmosphere. I would enjoy the air and what nature would provide for us. While I would be in school, I would ask myself many times, "What 's the point of this?" everyday seemed repetitive -I was getting tired of living life like a routine.

What is our purpose? How will it benefit you or the rest of the people?  Who are we?

After many failed attempts and problems I got into, I kept thinking of making something new with innovative ideas.The services we provide is high quality art -of course one of a kind, like no other;therefore, I would like to be sure we provide you with any request and/or the best quality work. The idea is for everyone and anyone that would like to bring something new to life. I always wondered why do people really not appreciate Graffiti or street art? why is it so under rated? So I remembered what made me get into it, and what mafe me love that art form -to feel. Abstract was the idea bring it to life and have everyone feel to comprehend my idea. We aren't different, we are just innovative and love to create. Make your company stand out and show your visitors who you are. Asure is the name, and we could assure you something new.